In Jack's Words


I began working in Emergency Assistance (EA) not long after I retired. I had served breakfast on Fridays for a number of years. My daughter Lisa became EA Director and asked me to volunteer there, too.

       My job was to sign in our guests and then call them, in order, into the office for interviews. I enjoyed all the people with whom I served. The guests presented different challenges from that involved with serving breakfast. The contact with the guests lasted longer and involved answering questions – sometimes numerous ones. In the beginning when I came home after volunteering at EA I would tell my wife what I had encountered that morning which typically would consist of complaining about the guests who had to some degree been a problem. This continued for maybe 4 weeks. One day after voicing complaints it occurred to me that out of the approximately 35 guests we had served 2 of them had been a problem. I was focusing on those 2 instead of the 30+ who had been fine and for the most part expressed appreciation for our efforts. That day I decided that I would not let the 2 people determine what I thought and instead I would focus on the 30+. My volunteer work in EA was much more rewarding from that day forward. I developed friendships with many of our guests and miss them and the opportunity to be of service in EA.

- Jack, Front Desk Volunteer 

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